Sunday, 22 January 2012

Heart Week

I heart this week. It gives me the feeling of soothing and charming. I feel stronger that I found a dear friend that share the same passion and thirst. With someone along the same journey, I hope that I can be reminded of the responsibility and determination when I got carried away. 

Yes, I'm just a normal human, who always forgot and drowned, and when I remembered, I resurface picking the trail back up. I need that person who pulls me back up when in need and give a hard slap on the face, saying "WAKE UP!!!" And this friend even though she seems too soft to get me slapped on the face, Insya-Allah will use the eagerness that we shared to support and remind each other.

D. You are just wonderful and amazing. I was shocked when I first found out, but I always know you are one determined lady with a good heart. With the good heart makes it easier to attract the light and it shines through.May Allah ease your way and guide you through the path with istiqamah.

I have my own sequence of event. The event that made me realized that I have nothing in saving for the afterlife.The event that made me think what I really live for? Where should I stop chasing something and feel satisfied? Even what is that 'something' that I should chase for? When will I feel relax and feel ultimate happiness? Is that after I got a good job? Is that after I made 50K a month? Is that after I got married? Is that after I have my own kids?

The ultimate happiness is the afterlife.We should not stop striving nor feel satisfied.  Seeking knowledge is vital, it's a life continuous process.

From Dr. Bilal Philips @ Twins of Faith Putrajaya, "Seeking knowledge is an obligation. But knowledge must be prioritized, also knowledge can be categorized as appropriate and inappropriate.

Priority of seeking knowledge:
1)Knowledge about Allah
2) Knowledge about the Prophet S.A.W.
3) Knowledge about Islam
4) Knowledge about othe rliving skills : Fardu Kifaayah

Now evaluate the proportion of our knowledge seeking today. It has to be prioritized according to above ranking. I think the last time that I really studied Islamic knowledge is maybe during foundation or 1st year in university because it's an obligatory. Only when I'm older that I realized it's an obligatory for life!!!Not only during that study years. Masya-Allah.

Alhamdulillah. I have a number of closed friends here who are fond of seeking these knowledge. At least, can stay overnight at this KL people place (because usually interesting courses are held in KL) and ask for a ride :)

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